Ramping at record levels on the day Hames claims ban a success

August 4th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Fast Facts:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital records its worst day of ambulance ramping ever
  • Perth hospitals experience second-worst day of ambulance ramping for 2015
  • On the same day, Kim Hames said yesterday his ramping ban was a success
  • Dr Hames must explain if he has changed the definition of ambulance ramping to artificially reduce the figures

On the day Kim Hames claimed his ambulance ramping ban had been a huge success, Perth hospitals experienced their second-worst day of 2015 and the new Fiona Stanley Hospital had its worst ever day for ramping.

Ambulances were ramped outside Perth hospitals for 115 hours yesterday, only 9 hours less than the worst day of the year, on January 24. Ambulances were ramped outside FSH for a record 52 hours yesterday.

These shocking figures come a day after WA Labor revealed that Kim Hames’ so-called ban on ambulance ramping had failed, with ramping still occurring on 26 out of 31 days in July.

Dr Hames must reveal if he has changed the definition of ramping from patients waiting longer than 20 minutes to be admitted, to patients waiting longer than 30 minutes to be admitted.

If Dr Hames has changed this definition, it would mean the figures for July could have been artificially reduced and ramping could have been much worse than first thought.

“We said yesterday that the ramping ban was a failure and these shocking figures prove the Government is no closer to fixing the problem.

“It’s laughable that, on the day Kim Hames claimed his ramping ban had been a success, Perth hospitals were being stretched to the limit with record figures.

“The ramping ban has failed. Dr Hames vowed to come down on ambulance ramping ‘like a tonne of bricks’, so what exactly is he planning to do now?

“Fixing the ramping crisis will take more than simply coming up with slogans – there needs to be changes at all levels of our health system. Dr Hames has proven time and time again that he’s simply not up to the task of reducing ramping at our hospitals.”


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