Ambulance ramping on the up, as retiring Minister fails again

June 4th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Fast Facts:

  • Ambulance ramping in May 53 per cent worse than last year
  • Despite opening of Fiona Stanley Hospital, each month of 2015 has been worse than 2014
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital hits ramping record high this week
  • Kim Hames promised to fix the mess, but nothing’s been done

Kim Hames has again let Western Australians down by failing in his promise to do something to fix the rising rate of ambulance ramping.

New Department of Health figures show ambulances spent 973 hours ramped outside Perth emergency departments in May – 340 hours more than they did in May last year. That’s a 53 per cent increase.

In addition to the increase in May, Fiona Stanley Hospital has just recorded its biggest ramping day on record with 45.8 hours on Tuesday, June 2. The previous record was 31.3 hours on May 25.

Despite Mr Hames’ assurances that Fiona Stanley Hospital would solve the problem, 2015 has been much worse for ambulance ramping than 2014. In the period from January to May this year, ramping totalled 4,808 hours or 28 per cent more than January to May, 2014.

Every single month of 2015 has been worse than 2014.

When WA Labor again raised the worrying increase in ramping last month, Kim Hames promised he would fix it. Yesterday it was reported that nothing had been done because the Minister had been away.

Kim Hames is more interested in doing a victory lap while cruising to retirement than rolling his sleeves up and getting to work on the serious issues in health.

Ambulance ramping at Perth hospitals during May:

Hospital 2015 2014       INCREASE
  • Armadale/Kelmscott
19.1 22 -13%
  • Fremantle/FSH
241.1 99.8 142%
  • Joondalup
254.9 200.6 27%
  • Rockingham
16.7 11.9 40%
  • Royal Perth Hospital
142.4 151.4 -6%
  • Sir Charles
101.1 24.5 313%
  • Swan Districts
197.9 122.2 62%

“Kim Hames is just not up to the task of fixing Perth’s ambulance ramping crisis.

“This issue is raised every month. Every month Dr Hames claims he’ll fix it. He never does.

“Early last month, Dr Hames said we would set up a new system to reduce ramping, yet now we learn nothing’s been done.

“We need an active and engaged Minister for Health. Not someone who’s cruising along on a victory lap before retirement.”

Ambulance ramping

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