Barnett Government prioritises pretty cbd projects over public housing

October 27th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Recent data has shown the Barnett Government has very skewed infrastructure priorities, with only 29 public housing dwellings to be constructed in the Kwinana zone in 2014/15, while there are 1136 applications and 2360 people on the waiting list.

There are 836 normal wait turn applicants and 300 priority applicants in the Kwinana zone – with priority applicants waiting 3 ½ years for housing.

The Premier is blindly proceeding with vanity projects in the city, like Elizabeth Quay, the new museum and the new stadium, while some people do not even have a roof over their heads.

The government is wasting over $420 million of taxpayers money on Elizabeth Quay – the cost of this project alone could cover the costs of clearing the backlog of public waiting for housing locally.

Not a single week goes by without my office being contacted by someone needing a support letter for a Homeswest house.

It is simply heartbreaking to know that out of 1136 applications on the local waiting list, only 29 new homes are being built.

There is a low turnover of existing housing stock, which means there is sadly little hope for those on the waiting list, who face an unacceptably long wait.

Even people with priority applications, such as people living in their cars, can be waiting up to two years.

Unfortunately, private rental housing is simply not an option for some people, especially those reliant on Centrelink income support, such as aged pensioners, or those who are unable to work due to disability.

Whether or not people have a roof over their heads has got to be more important than a pretty harbour or a new stadium.

The Barnett Government is simply not doing enough to invest in quality public housing.

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