Barnett Government shows leading clinicians the door

October 1st, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Fast facts:

Four senior renal clinicians will lose their jobs due to staff re-configurations Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The clinicians have led an internationally recognised kidney transplantation program.

Patients are extremely concerned that they will no longer be treated by the clinicians who have treated them for many years and are responsible for their present good health.

The Barnett Government is using the reconfiguration of hospital services at Fiona Stanley Hospital to stymie a leading team of clinicians in renal services at Fremantle Hospital.

Under the reconfiguration of South Metropolitan Health Services, four senior specialists will lose their jobs.

Kidney patients who have depended on these clinicians for many years to manage their very complex conditions will now have to be transferred to new and more junior nephrologists, compromising the quality and continuity of care.

The Fremantle Hospital Renal Unit, where the clinicians are currently based, was responsible for the national coordination of the Australian Kidney Exchange.

This internationally recognised program has led the way in managing the live kidney transplant program saving many lives and giving new hope to the kidney transplant patients.  It will now be dismantled in Western Australia and its leadership transferred to another state.

The clinicians have each been told to apply for a single part-time position elsewhere in the health system. They will be replaced by staff from Royal Perth Hospital and other less senior nephrologists.

Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook said, “Once again, we see hospital care being compromised by the Barnett Government’s shambolic mismanagement of the commissioning of Fiona Stanley Hospital.

“Its management of the health workforce and patient transitioning to Fiona Stanley Hospital has been woeful.

“A number of kidney patients have expressed their distress at this move and the loss of services.

“They have been kept in the dark about their future care arrangements which involves many years of management of their complex condition.  They are concerned that a more junior specialist will not be able to understand their substantial medical history and care needs.

“Western Australians expect the new hospital to be staffed with the best clinicians in the State. These doctors have dedicated their lives to helping renal patients manage their conditions and have achieved outstanding results.

“They should not be forced out of the health system.”

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