Barnett’s broken promise leaves RPH patients stranded

January 9th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Thursday 09 Jan 2014

Fast Facts:

It was revealed today that at least seven of the lifts at Royal Perth Hospital were currently out of order.
During the 2008 and 2013 election campaigns the Barnett Government promised a multimillion dollar redevelopment of the hospital, which would have solved many of the existing problems.
The Mid-Year Review document confirmed the Barnett Government has ripped $67million out of the RPH redevelopment budget, placing serious doubts on the promise.

The Barnett Government’s decision to walk away from the redevelopment of Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) means the facility is missing out on basic maintenance and patient care is being compromised.

Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook said it was revealed today that at least seven of the hospital’s lifts were currently out of order, putting enormous pressure on patients and their families as they try to move around the hospital.

Some patients reported that the maintenance problems meant they were struggling to get to medical appointments and some had even missed out on receiving treatment as a result of the delays.

“The fiasco with the lifts is symbolic of the Barnett Government’s neglect of RPH and its determination to let the facility fall by the wayside,” Mr Cook said.

“Colin Barnett’s broken promise to redevelop RPH is having a direct impact on the operation of the facility.

“If the Barnett Government had honoured its election promises, the hospital would have received refurbishments worth tens of millions of dollars and these problems would not happen.

“It’s clear RPH is being neglected as the Barnett Government focuses its attention on the new Fiona Stanley Hospital. The reality is thousands of Western Australians still rely on RPH to receive medical care and it’s simply unacceptable that such basic maintenance is not being carried out.

“Under the Barnett Government, Western Australians are queuing up just to get into our hospitals, due to record ambulance ramping. Now we find that after they have been admitted, they are being forced to queue outside the lifts.”

In the Barnett Government’s first term of office, it promised to redevelop RPH. After breaking that promise, they made the same commitment during the 2013 election campaign.

However, the Mid-Year Review document confirmed the Barnett Government has ripped $67million out of the RPH redevelopment budget, meaning the redevelopment is as good as dead.”

“Health Minister Kim Hames’ claim that WA Labor would have shut the hospital is yet another Liberal lie. It was WA Labor that passed the Royal Perth Hospital Protection Bill to ensure the hospital would remain,” Mr Cook said.


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