Damning report reveals Hames’ failure to act on Health corruption

June 12th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Thursday 12 Jun 2014

Fast Facts:

CCC report a damning indictment on Health Minister Kim Hames.
The report revealed Dr Hames’ failure to act on fraud and corruption risks in procurement.
WA Labor has highlighted these issues and issues relating to acceptance of gifts by Health Department staff for a number of years. Dr Hames has failed to act.

The Corruption and Crime Commission’s (CCC) report into corruption and fraud within the Health Department is a damning indictment on Health Minister Kim Hames.

The report found Dr Hames failed to act on what the CCC called WA Health’s ‘systemic failure to manage fraud and corruption risks in procurement’.

The CCC said 90 per cent of Department of Health contracts by value and 78 per cent by number do not comply with the State Government’s own transparency requirements.

It said procurement projects under $20million received far less scrutiny than those more than $20million.

Issues associated with procurement and the acceptance of gifts have been highlighted by WA Labor for years but Dr Hames has done nothing – The Minister must explain why WA Health’s Fraud and Corruption Plan was put on hold in 2009.

Comments from WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan:

”This report is a damning indictment of Kim Hames’ leadership and the Barnett Government’s management of health in WA.

“This is the biggest government agency in WA and this report says there are systemic failures related to $3.6billion worth of contracts within that department.

“Dr Hames’ failure to act on concerns raised by WA Labor on countless occasions has allowed this situation to become out of control.”

Comments from Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook:

“Dr Hames and Mr Barnett need to explain why they have abandoned the corruption and fraud policy set out in 2009.

“The CCC said ‘root and branch’ reform is needed. This requires direction and leadership from the Minister, something this report has suggested he is incapable of providing.

“These issues should have been dealt with years ago.”


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