Family forced to bring a fan to RPH!

February 11th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

As reported recently, a WA family has had to take a fan to its elderly father at RPH because there was no air conditioning, signifying a new low for the Department of Health.

It is simply not good enough that in a state like ours, with notoriously high temperatures, we have to rely on a patient’s family to bring in a small fan.

But this is the scary reality of Colin Barnett’s budget mess, where we now have our hospital air conditioning systems unable to provide a comfortable environment that our hospital patients require.

In December, The Sunday Times revealed an internal report had exposed major safety risks, including “extreme” risks with the chillers and cooling towers in 121-year-old hospital’s north block – which houses the acute medical ward.

While the Health Department has refused to detail which of the hazards has been fixed, the October 2013 report said unless those risks were fixed within 12 months, they “may pose a risk of the operation of the facility”.


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