Fiona Stanley Hospital

November 13th, 2013 by: admin

Wednesday 13 Nov 2013

There is a dirty secret circulating throughout the health sector of Western Australia. A secret the Barnett Government is desperate that you don’t hear about – The Fiona Stanley Hospital is struggling and will be hopelessly delayed.

The Barnett Government inherited the best set of public finances in Australia from the previous WA Labor Government. They also inherited the Fiona Stanley Hospital project – a fully funded, planned, and designed tertiary hospital that is the centre piece of WA Labor’s vision for Health in Western Australia.

The Fiona Stanley Hospital project has been sick for some time. Combined with the usual competition amongst doctors for bed allocations the hospital is riddled with crippling delays. IT issues have dealt a body blow to the project leading to panicked responses from government bureaucrats and a bevvy of highly paid consultants.

In July 2012 the Government, recognising that the hospital project was chronically ill, sent for a team of experts from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK to advise on the project. They provided a report to the Cabinet that stated that, short of a miracle, the hospital timeline was doomed to delay.

The Government then brought in Dr David Russell-Weisz, the star Director of the North Metropolitan Health Services to rescue the project. Despite his efforts, he reported to Health Director General, Kim Snowball, in December last year that delays were inevitable.

So, despite the view commonly held throughout the health sector, everyone involved in the Fiona Stanley Hospital project, an international expert panel, and the actual director of the project we are expected to believe that Kim Snowball still believed the hospital was running on time and so advised his Minister.

While Kim Snowball maintains his implausible argument that he didn’t officially advise the Government that Fiona Stanley Hospital was going to be delayed, the Minister has the perfect fall guy for justifying his election deception.

Fiona Stanley hospital won’t open until October 2015 (no, opening the rehabilitation hospital in April 2015 is not opening a new tertiary hospital its simply shifting an existing health service). The hospital will be delayed by almost two years. It’s a delay that has been kept secret and can be added to the list of Barnetts Broken Promises and Liberal Party lies spun at the last election to get them re-elected.

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