Four years of ramping failure from Health Minister Hames

November 8th, 2012 by: admin

Thursday 08 Nov 2012

A new Health Department report revealed ambulance ramping at Western Australian hospitals increased by a staggering 142 per cent in the past year, Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook said today.

Mr Cook said the latest Health Department performance report revealed ambulances were ramped outside WA emergency departments for more than 4,581 hours in the July to September quarter compared to 1,891 hours in the same quarter in 2011. At metropolitan general hospitals, ramping increased by close to 175 per cent compared to the same time last year.

“Western Australians can’t even get into emergency departments for treatment, and the Barnett Government continues to gloss over this crisis in our hospital system,” Mr Cook said.

“In September 2011, the Barnett Government set a new record for ambulance ramping and this report shows the problem has got even worse. It has lost control of ambulance ramping at Western Australian hospitals and appears incapable of finding a solution.

“In May this year, Health Minister Kim Hames claimed Western Australia needed a ‘different system in place’ to address the issue, which meant patients were stuck in ambulances outside hospitals when they should be inside receiving treatment.

“Since the Minister made this statement, the problem has got even worse. Clearly his new system has failed.

“Month after month Dr Hames tells Parliament how concerned he is about ambulance ramping. After nearly four years, Western Australians are fed up with his failure to act and I call on the Minister to reveal his plan to reduce ambulance ramping today.

“The Barnett Government has not even attempted to fix this ailing system. It is too focused on its inner city projects to worry about cutting the queues outside WA hospitals and hospital patients are paying the price.”

“The Minister says things are going well in the emergency departments, these figures show people can’t even get into them.”

Media contact: Roger Cook 0400 211 892


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