Government fails to keep up with WA schools maintenance

October 24th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

The 2013 Building Condition Assessment report (BCA) has found $135 million is needed to fix rundown facilities at Western Australian public schools.

Hundreds of schools desperately need repairs and many are still waiting for work identified back in 2011 to be done.

$1,107,224.49 is needed to fix up schools in the Kwinana electorate, and, in particular, Leda Primary School urgently needs $294,038.42 worth of maintenance.

The physical environment children learn in is important and school staff should be able to work in well-maintained schools.

Further, some of the maintenance work identified in the report should be a priority because of the potential risk to health and safety if left undone.

Schools do the best they can with the money they receive to maintain the buildings and Parents & Citizen committees work hard to raise money to improve school facilities, but the Barnett Government has failed to clear the maintenance backlog at WA schools.

It is too busy spending money on its pet projects rather than investing in our schools. It has failed to adequately maintain our schools and it is our students who pay the price.

The WA Government needs to get its priorities right and should be investing in education.

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