Hames expected the waiting list blowout for elective surgery at FSH

March 2nd, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

As reported on ABC Online, according to Kim Hames, a blowout in waiting lists for elective surgery was always anticipated at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Dr Hames confirmed the number of patients on the list had jumped by about 1,450 in the past year to 17,662, and the average waiting time for elective surgery had increased by 2.3 months to 2.47 months since January 2013.

This is unacceptable. I expected a larger than usual increase in the elective surgery waitlist over this period, but I was surprised at the magnitude of the increase. Clearly something has gone wrong here.

What we actually need is a Health Minister who is focussed on the job and can actually make sure that we keep a lid on the waitlist queues and we’re getting those people through the system much faster.

Kim Hames claimed that Fiona Stanley Hospital was open and fully operational. These elective surgery waitlists show that’s clearly not the case.

So people who are waiting for pain-relieving hip surgery or knee operations, or a range of other pain relieving procedures, will have to wait longer, and that can’t be good for the health of Western Australians.

The closure of Kaleeya Hospital has compounded the issue.

We’re losing these smaller centres of high-volume operations in these small hospitals around the place, and as a result, we’re actually seeing the intrusion of emergency operations starting to impact our ability to get through elective surgery waitlists.


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