Hames misleads again over Serco contract

April 15th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Tuesday 15 Apr 2014

Fast Facts:

Kim Hames has once again misled in his public statements over the $4.3billion Serco Fiona Stanley Hospital contract.
Department of Health report confirmed key services were to be delivered by Serco.
Hames must explain why he misled the public and apologise.

Health Minister Kim Hames must explain why he is misrepresenting the truth over which non-clinical services were covered in the Serco contract at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

In The Sunday Times, Dr Hames confirmed that WA Health would take over a ‘majority’ of patient administration and health records management services including clinical coding, billing, health records management, scheduling and appointment booking.

Then, on Sunday, Dr Hames told reporters the services were never included in the Serco contract:

“Absolutely inaccurate, they were never given it. To strip something you have got to give it to them in the first place and that never happened and so nothing has been stripped from Serco.”

- Kim Hames, Ten News, 13 April 2014

However, when Dr Hames announced the Serco contract on July 30, 2011, his own media statement made it clear these services were included in the contract.

Further, a Department of Health summary report released the same month detailed 28 services that Serco would provide at the Hospital, including services that Dr Hames now claims were never given to Serco.

Comments from Acting Shadow Health Minister Rita Saffioti:

“Dr Hames is simply not telling the truth and he should come clean on the full cost of these service provision changes.

“The facts speak for themselves. Dr Hames is either incompetent or he is deliberately misleading the public.

“The hospital is meant to be open by now, instead, because of the Barnett Government’s chaos and dysfunction, they are still trying to work out who will be delivering these keys services.

“We still have no idea what the cost to the taxpayer will be because of these eleventh hour changes at Fiona Stanley Hospital.”


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