More cuts to schools to come next year

July 31st, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

As the Western Australian economy slows, we should be looking to our future to ensure that WA continues to grow.

Investing in the education of our kids just makes sense. Which is why I am appalled about the Barnett government’s decision to cut school funding, particularly for our most vulnerable children.

The Barnett government has introduced a policy to cut funding for WA school staffing by $257 million from the Department’s budget over four years.

Under this new policy, when a teacher retires, their replacement will be funded at 10 per cent less.

For education assistants, cleaners and gardeners, their replacement will be funded at 40 per cent less.

Principals across WA are also saying that, under the Barnett government, support for students with disabilities has been reduced.

This means a student with exactly the same level of disability as in previous years, needing exactly the same amount of support in the classroom as in previous years, will receive significantly lower levels of support.

Education Assistant hours will be cut to implement these new cuts.

Since 2013, the Barnett government has cut more than $228 million from public schools, with more cuts to come.

Clearly the Liberal government is not committed to investing in the education of our future generation.

At a time when the WA economy is struggling, now, more than ever, we should be increasing investment in education – not cutting funding and opportunities for our kids.


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