More delays for Perth Children’s Hospital as opening date pushed back

May 27th, 2016 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

·         Perth Children’s Hospital may not open this year

·         Critical cleaning looks set to continue well into next year

·         The hospital was supposed to open in December 2015

The Liberals have refused to commit to opening the Perth Children’s Hospital in 2016 after it was revealed the construction phase would continue beyond the end of this year.

Documents released in a budget estimates hearing have revealed that contracts to prepare the hospital for clinical level hygiene would run for 26 weeks after the ‘practical completion’ date.

To date, the Government has refused to say when practical completion would be achieved but it is widely anticipated it will be in July or August.

The 26 week period for the clean has been set for the purposes of creating an infection safe environment for hospital services.

If the contract is to run from the date of practical completion then it will be impossible for the Government to open the hospital in 2016.

The Barnett Government originally said it would deliver the hospital in 2014. That date was then pushed back to December 2015.

Comments from Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook:

“Just like Fiona Stanley Hospital, the Perth Children’s Hospital has been completely mismanaged by the Liberal Government.

“If the Liberals open the hospital in 2016 it could risk the safety of patients. If they open it next year, its 12 months later than promised.

“It is clear that, like Fiona Stanley Hospital which opened more than 12 months late, that the Barnett Government is lying to Western Australians about their mismanagement of the Perth Children’s Hospital.

“The Barnett Government has form on delayed hospital openings. They mislead the public about the opening dates, they fail to deliver hospitals on time, and they have cost over-runs.

“The Barnett Government can simply not be trusted on hospitals and health.”

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