Positive campaign for the HSUWA

August 5th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Over the past few months, the HSUWA has been conducting a strong campaign fighting for their members’ pay, conditions, and job security.

The campaign has focused on the call for their members’ wages to be in line with the pay rises recently given to the doctors and nurses, who they work alongside.

HSUWA members – including administrative staff, clerks, technicians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, medical imaging technologists, clinical psychologists, social workers, medical scientists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dieticians, podiatrists, radiation therapists, mental health workers – all play a vital role in our health system.

Roger Cook supports HSUWA

The Department of Health has now agreed that the rates of pay for a new agreement will be determined by arbitration, that the changes in rates of pay will be applied retrospectively to 1 July 2014, and an interim 2.75% pay rise will be applied from that date.

Given the State Government has refused to negotiate a wage claim outside its wages policy this is a first.

And, it will be the first time the WA Industrial Relations Commission will be required by law to take into account the government’s wages policy in arbitration.


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