Ramping crisis continues in June as Hames’ ‘ramping challenge’ begins

July 1st, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

Fast Facts:

  • Ambulance ramping in June 326 hours worse than last year
  • Each month of 2015 has been worse than 2014 for ambulance ramping
  • Concerns the ‘30 minute ramping challenge’ will cause more chaos at hospitals after revelations paramedics have not been consulted

On the day the Barnett Government’s ‘30 minute ramping challenge’ begins, WA Labor has revealed new figures that show ramping in June was 37 per cent worse than last year.

Health Department figures show ambulances were ramped outside Perth hospitals for 1186 hours in June (not including June 30), compared to 860 hours in June 2014 – a 326 hour or 37 per cent increase.

This means, every month of 2015 has been worse than in 2014.

WA Labor released the figures on the same day the Barnett Government’s plan for hospital staff to take over responsibility for patients within 30 minutes of their arrival at emergency departments comes into effect.

Ambulance ramping at Perth hospitals during June (excluding June 30):

Armadale/Kelmscott 24.7 35.6 -31%
Fremantle/FSH 283.7 87.3 225%
Joondalup 354.7 275.2 29%
Rockingham 11.3 5.8 95%
RPH 130.3 235.9 -45%
Sir Charles 142.6 74.5 91%
Swan Districts 238.7 146.2 63%

“Kim Hames admitted that he’d given up on fixing the ambulance ramping problem and these figures make it clear that he is incapable of reducing the impact on patients.

“We have no faith that Dr Hames’ latest thought bubble will solve the ramping problem.

“We are concerned the 30 minute challenge will create more chaos in our hospitals, as paramedics have not been given instructions on how to carry out the new procedure.

“If only it were as simple as Kim Hames telling staff to make sure patients are taken into the hospital within 30 minutes. While we hope it works, it doesn’t look like Dr Hames has developed any sort of plan to ensure it is a success.

“Fixing the ambulance ramping problem requires changes at many levels of our health system, not just bandaid solutions from the Minister.”

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