Report backs up calls to scrap hospital parking fee increases

August 16th, 2012 by: admin

Thursday 16 Aug 2012

A key Parliamentary committee recommended the Barnett Government scrap increases to hospital parking fees, Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook said today.

Mr Cook said the Joint Committee on Delegated Legislation’s report revealed the fee increases were excessive and went beyond cost recovery.

“The committee has exposed the Barnett Government’s attempt to hit Western Australians with yet another fee increase,” he said.

“The Barnett Government must now refund the fees it has collected illegally from hospital staff and patients.

“Under the legislation, a government is only entitled to recover the cost of running hospital car parks. Clearly there was no need to attempt to jack up parking fees and this is another example of the Barnett Government’s revenue-raising.

“The Committee recommended the fee increases be disallowed and Health Minister Kim Hames must ensure this occurs as a matter of urgency.”

Mr Cook said WA Labor had already moved that the fees be disallowed and would now bring on Parliamentary debate so they would be formally cancelled.

“The report backs up Labor’s position that hospital staff should be supported in the workplace, not  targeted for extra fees and charges from the Barnett Government,” he said.

“Hospital staff and health unions have repeatedly claimed fee increases were excessive and in some cases entirely swallowed recent pay increases.

“Many are already suffering from the Barnett Government’s 62 per cent increase to electricity bills.

“WA Labor will fight to make sure the Barnett Government does not increase the cost of living for hospital staff.”

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