Report confirms crisis facing cancer services in WA

November 19th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office


Fast Facts:

  • Taskforce report confirms significant failings in WA cancer services
  • Urgent action needed to address serious problems
  • Specialist cancer nurses cut by the Barnett Government

Kim Hames’ weak response to a report that confirms cancer services in WA are in crisis will provide little comfort to thousands of WA families living with cancer.

The WA Cancer Taskforce’s report found significant failings in the way cancer services are managed in WA and calls for urgent action to address problems that are rife across the Health Department.

After initially dismissing the report, Dr Hames has finally admitted there are serious failings in provision of cancer services.

However, his commitment to throw a small amount of money at these problems and set up a committee will not address the crisis facing cancer services in this State.

Comments from Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook:

“Almost all Westerns Australians have been touched by cancer in some way, and they would expect the best possible services available to assist their loved ones battling the disease.

“This report points to a crisis in cancer services in WA and should have been a wakeup call to Kim Hames.

“His response will provide little comfort to Western Australians battling cancer and their families.

“Throwing a small amount of money at these problems won’t replace the specialist cancer nurses and won’t fix the systemic problems across our health system.

“At the same time we learn our cancer services are in crisis Kim Hames is set to sack up to 2,000 staff from WA hospitals.”

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