School funding changes are deceitful

April 10th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

The State Government’s changes to school funding are deceitful and a kick in the guts to Kwinana schools, who had already been hit hard by the government’s education cuts.

As reported recently in The Sound Telegraph, the Medina Primary School community rallied with petitions in a bid to make their distaste known about the State Government’s latest funding allocations under the Student-Centred Funding Model.

Under the new estimation of funds – determined by a student-needs basis – Gilmore College will drop $592,000 from $12,463,000 and Medina Primary School will lose a further $29,000 from $2,356,000.

Medina is clearly a school of high need and it makes you question why the Government is making cuts.

The upcoming budget is the government’s chance to make amends.

One concerned Medina Primary School parent said the school was “hanging on by a string and now it was hanging on by a thread”.

“We are a struggling school anyway, here in Medina, and I’m not sure why they’ve targeted us. We are losing a very good handful of educators,” she said.

She said the low socio-economic area school needed as much support as possible.

“The fact that we are getting slogged again, you just sort of shake your head in disbelief,” she said.

Schools spend a great deal of time finalising their budgets, timetables and staff, and these new cuts mean they’ll have go back to the drawing board.

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