Serco bill for equipment sterilisation delays adds further embarrassment to Health

February 28th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

As reported on ABC Online, Serco is now facing a hefty wages bill to get sterilisation equipment to theatres on time at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

This is further embarrassment for Kim Hames and further demonstrates his incompetence in handling Serco’s performance.

Privatisation was his key initiative, and, as we’ve seen, the privatisation birds are coming home to roost as his key failure.

The bill of about $60,000 will pay for extra staff to ensure it meets contract deadlines for sterilising equipment at FSH.

The Health Department has now had to assign its own staff to the hospital to work with Serco personnel to ensure sterilisation is completed on schedule, which could continue for up to two months at a cost estimated at $4,800 a week.

A shortage of porters at Fiona Stanley Hospital has also created delays, which forced some doctors to collect their own patients.

Serco has since been ordered to recruit an extra 57 porters with a new committee established to monitor its performance.

This again shows how poorly handled this whole contract has been and exactly why privatisation was a bad idea in the first place.


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