WA Labor to ban puppy farms

May 10th, 2015 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

As reported on WA Today, Mark McGowan launched a discussion paper on puppy farms in WA, outlining how Labor will shut down the puppy farming industry across the state.

The consultation paper concluded that a state-wide strategy was needed to ensure current and new measures to support animal welfare are enforced appropriately.

“The overbreeding of puppies, and illegal puppy farms, must be stopped,” McGowan said.

Puppy farms are notorious for the poor conditions in which dogs are kept, including overcrowding, over breeding and poor hygiene.

The consultation paper’s suggestions include:

  • Implementing a breeder registration system, with standards audited
  • New laws to limit the number of litters a female dog can have to five
  • Ensuring pet shops only sell puppies supplied by a rescue organisation, approved animal shelter or a registered breeder.

“Every West Australian or family looking to bring home a puppy should have full confidence that they are not supporting illegal puppy farms. I want to protect dogs and make sure illegal puppy farms are closed down,” McGowan said.

The paper can be viewed here.

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