We need a police station in Baldivis

October 24th, 2014 by: Kwinana Electorale Office

I am again urging the Barnett Government to listen to the local community and include funding in next year’s budget for a bigger police presence in Baldivis.

A recent report has revealed that during 2013/14 there were 99 domestic assaults, 52 breaches of restraining orders, 4 robberies of non-businesses, 229 home break-ins, 78 burglaries of non-dwellings, 73 car thefts and 538 offences for theft in Baldivis (Source: Parliamentary Question 2791).

People are moving to Baldivis in record numbers, I don’t want the presence of crime to take away from Baldivis being a great place to live. Baldivis is the third largest growing region in the state (Source: WA property News 8/5/2014).

The report showed that Baldivis had the equal highest number of threatening behaviour, it was the second highest for robbery of non-businesses, overwhelmingly the highest for home burglary and car theft, second highest for damage to property, second highest for graffiti and the highest number of both domestic assaults and breaches of violence restraining orders.

Here is a recent example.

Further to this, it takes police at least 15 minutes to get to Baldivis from Rockingham Police Station during normal working hours. Out of normal working hours the nearest 24-hour police station is Fremantle which is at least 45 minutes away from Baldivis.

There are other factors unique to Baldivis that make it prone to theft – its location means thieves are only minutes from either getting onto the freeway, or escaping along country back roads. And it certainly doesn’t help that there is no local police presence to respond quickly to thefts.

A local police station would provide a physical presence in the community – it would act as a deterrent, and make it convenient for local residents to report their crimes without having to go via Rockingham, Kwinana or Fremantle.




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